Monday, January 11, 2010

What, am I buggin ya?

Here's the answer, as provided by the one and only Eric Kessler, biologist-herpetologist-artist-and-all-around-superstud:

"It is a type of "true bug" in the order Hemiptera, so you are fine in using the phrase "buggin". Otherwise, most insects are not bugs.

Family Coreidae - Squash Bugs and Leaffooted Bugs- contain small to large insects, some of which are somewhat long and narrow in shape (stink bugs are very broad and in a different family - although adjacent to each other in the field guide). They are mostly dull brown and gray in color. Antennae have 4 segments (in one of your images). The hind femora and tibiae of some species have flat enlargements which give these species the name leaffooted bugs. They are plant eaters.

So, there you go - leaffooted bug!

of some sort"

Ten points to Eric. And points to all the rest of you, too, who tried just for being you. Shinigami-Sidhe and Technoprairie get ten points. Claudia gets ten points for her general coolness and for participating in the facebook chat with Eric wherein I got this information.

And Andy gets as many points as he wants since he'll just end up taking them anyway, deserved or otherwise.

Ten points to the person who can accurately identify this type of bug.


Technoprairie said...

We call these bugs Stink Bugs but I don't think that is their official name.

Andy D. said...

I honestly believe I know what this is. I believe it is something along the lines of an aphid leaf beetle. But I know that ain't it. And I've spent several minutes scouring "identify this bug dot com" for some remotely close photo, to no avail. And now I'm just upset and frustrated.

Which brings me to my guess: yo' mama.

shinigami-sidhe said...

This is of the type of bug that is known, in scientific terms, as "icky."

justcurious said...

Ugh. Uninvited to the picnic.