Friday, January 08, 2010

Program cover for the funeral of a bee

The Eulogy:

"Queen Bee and worker bees, we've gathered here today to celebrate a life well-lived. Mr. Bee was a wonderful producer of honey, and no one could find clover flowers like him. He'll be sorely missed by all thirty-thousand of his fellow bee workers in our hive. I just wished that at least one of us had learned his name. A tragedy, really. Anyway, back to work!"


Steven Taylor said...

Nice shot.

Julie said...

Love the monochromatic color scheme on this one. The way the cream of the flower is repeated in the bee...nice.

For some reason, I prefer (or enjoy..) very subtle color schemes in photography....not sure why.

Mike Bailey said...

ST: Pound.

Julie: Thanks. I'm not good on color. Something for me to work on this year.