Thursday, January 14, 2010

one doll, two images

Both images manipulated from photos of the same doll. Expect to see more along the same lines.


justcurious said...

Wow, MikeMan, how do you do that? Very other worldly looking. Cool. Creepy.

Technoprairie said...

These are just too creepy for me. These make the picture of the awful monkey with the cymbals look as cuddly as an Ewok.

Mike Bailey said...

jc: just playing with functions that distort the image.

technoprairie: well, you're probably right. too creepy.

Jenni said...

Whoa. Freaky deaky.

Thanks for asking: I got five As and a B+.


Steven Taylor said...

Fear the VooDoo! You heard Robertson.

You are doomed.

Steven Taylor said...

justcurious: that doll comes pre-creepy. I can personally attest to it.

Andy D. said...

Ok, I would be willing to bet that the doll does NOT come "pre-creepy." And that we're all just letting MB turn us into a bunch of doll-fearing crybabies.

Mr. Photoshop has made it look worse in these photos, than the clown/doll mask in the "Saw" movies (the only one of which I have bothered to see was "1" but which I believe probably qualifies me to speak to the content of all 6 of them...).

People -- this is the same guy who made his daughter look like a zombie, gave a perfectly innocent billboard of a man's torso a human-looking Johnson, and made his wife look like she was admiring Mr. Large Native American NoBalls.

I'm sorry for the graphic nature of my comments, but I'm making a point. Just go with it.

So -- I say we bet on whether we -- as a voting group, voting honestly once we see it, and majority rules -- will AGREE or DISAGREE, with the following statement once the true straight on (or objectively-presented oblique view) of The Real Doll is presented:

"This doll is pre-creepy."

My vote -- DISAGREE.


Technoprairie said...

Come on and post the pre-creepified doll picture so we can be amazed at your creepification picture process.

justcurious said...

ST - Are you sure you aren't just being really supportive? I have this fear that it's, say, a Raggedy Ann doll.