Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eyeball and hands

This is my 500th post. What cold be more appropriate?
Note: keep submitting sad songs. (see a couple of posts below. if we hit a critical mass of contributions--say, seventeen thousand or maybe seven songs--i'll post them up front.)


timekeeper said...

Just to let you know, a child of your own blood just said, "Ooh! That scares me!" when she saw me scroll past that picture. Fitting indeed.

justcurious said...

i can really see the resemblance between you and kid #2 here. not that she counts on her fingers. the eye, you got the eye thing going on.

Michael B said...

timekeeper--yes, we know she's a child of mine because i, too, give myself the creeps.

Michael B said...


eyeballs. as i say, it's what's all about here. mostly mine, true, but maybe my daughter's as well.

but mostly mine. let's not forget that.