Thursday, August 07, 2008



Technoprairie said...

This looks so peaceful. Makes me relax just looking at it.

Michael B said...


sometimes i want to add (and sometimes i DO add) that i especially like a picture. sometimes i feel obligated to add a comment about how there's something about a photo that i don't care for.

but i like this photo for the reason you mention. i can practically hear the squeek of the swing, which she's gently rocking. i took this photo a couple of year ago when juli and the fam visited a friend's country house. there were a bunch of other folks there, most of them part of youth ministry. this was one of the workers, but for the life of me i couldn't tell you who it is.

formerstudent said...

This looks like a certain farm that I used to frequent. Was the taken the same night as the famous boat ride with michael b?

Michael B said...

yes, you have exactly nailed it. who all was there????

Elliot? Kyle? Lauren? Who?

And whose legs are those?

formerstudent said...

Yes! All of those people were there on that magical night but the question remains who am I?

hint: Those are not my legs and I am notorious for typos in my writing (see previous post) largely because I used to finish most of papers about 15 seconds before class.

but ultimately I am just one of your seventy six thousand daily readers.

Michael B said...


true, you are "ultimately" one of my many readers. but surely you are not defined comprehensively by my blog. or are you? (which would be understandable.)

so....any other hints? your fifteen seconds before class hint, um, narrowed it down to about 54% of the students i've had. i need more.

Steven Taylor said...

Living in the south, I see the water and the bare legs and think: "mosquitos!"