Thursday, July 31, 2008

lightning strikes

turns out this was harder than i would have guessed. i have a simple camera with a substantial shutter delay. plus the thunderstorm was a little light on the thunder and lightning side. not a whole lot of either bark or bite. but once every two minutes or so a lightning bolt would splinter and illuminate the sky with a bright web. and QUICK i'd push the shutter, and then....big D'OH!!!! Too late!

so then i just randomly started taking pictures of the sky trying to strike lightning. no, i didn't. but i couldn't help saying that just to work that pun in there. (was that a pun? no matter. it was awful.) but the two photos above are the best of the five pictures I actually did take. unless, of course, you're into gray slates. in which case, i shot three beauties.

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