Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Awwww....I'm such a sentimental softy. Butterflies and flowers. So sweet. My house is covered with Kincaids, and on the ceiling over my bed I've painted a mural of a unicorn leaping over a rainbow. cute.
Or is it so cute? Hmm....perhaps it's an artistic (but completely accurate) sublimation of something much more "unicorny." A theme not so much cute as colossally monumental in scope and power.
I'm just saying.


Erin said...

the first photo is quite dark!....the butterfly is leaving the "light" and looking towards the "dark". Hmmm do your photos reflect a secret inner darkside? But then again, it is just a butterfly. I doubt butterflies are this deep.

But really, I do love it. The contrast of light is beautiful!

Michael B said...

anyone who knows me at all knows well and good that the real me--the secret me--is pure light and goodness, just a little jar of giggles waiting to be released. my happy happy inner mb makes disney woodland creatures seem, by comparison, like french existentialists.

no dark side here, sorry. it's butterflies all the way down.

oh, and rainbows.

timekeeper said...

yep. mb is all sunshine. the 692 dark, morbid and depressing photos (and essays)on this blog have just been a wild coincidence. When I see a butterfuly, I think of him. A wounded one about to be eaten by a bird. Slowly eaten. Alive.