Saturday, June 04, 2011

49 Rings (This boat is sinking)

Like Poe's shaft of light on that deformed eyeball (oh you know what I'm talkin' about), the word "images" at the beginning of the video is driving me rapidly to madness. I inserted the word as a "placeholder," as I had yet to come up with a title for the piece. I intended to change it to a more video-fitting word or introduction but forgot to do so. And then only after I saved the piece and uploaded it to the blog (a process which took about twenty minutes or so because the file is so large) did I notice that "images" is still there.

The madness.

The raving lunatic madness of it all.


Steven Taylor said...

Does this mean at some point you will go mad and try and burrow into the screen to remove the Very Bad Word from the intertubes?

If so, please video. It will make a great post.

Steven Taylor said...

I am quite the fan of that song. Good choice and nice vid.

Mike Bailey said...

Steven're my only reader who cares about me welfare. I always knew that deep down, way past all the horrible mean things you say about me, that you like me.