Monday, June 06, 2011

Just an innocent post about art

Hey, whataya say we take an edifying and innocent stroll down the corridors of some art galleries? Gee, that sounds delightful, doesn't it? And, to repeat, it's merely a perfectly innocent endeavor. No ulterior motives whatsoever.

Ulterior motives? Nah, that ain't me.

Well let's see what we have here.'s a beautiful Matisse I saw in the AIC!

Matisse is always described as a "supreme colorist." Supreme colorist. Not a good or great or masterful colorist. Supreme. Well, perhaps rightly so. What I like about this painting is the contrast of that big splash of color against the black background. Oh and you know I love that light/dark contrast. let's see what else we discover.

Isn't this just good clean innocent fun? Oh goody, I'm having such a delightful time!

Now looky here, an eyeball, also in the AIC. I can't recall who the painter is, though if I had to guess by the looks of it I'd say either Magritte or Duchamp. (If you know who it is, let a white boy know.) Now a couple of things strike me as interesting here. One is how we know it's a female eyeball. The markings between male and female eyes are incredibly subtle, surely, and yet we have no trouble whatsoever discerning that this is a female eye. Apparently a lot of our brain is devoted to making sense of faces. Another interesting feature is how we know that this painting is perfectly complete. Why do we know this?

Well, I'd love to talk more about this but for the sake of our little journey, let's move on.

Hey, what do you know, here's a rabbit!!!

Isn't this grand? A rabbit actually depicted not in death but in life! And not just alive but joyously so, dancing on an anvil, a nice juxtaposition of light and heavy, of spirit and body. This bunny practically screams life and innocence, doesn't it? So cute, so sweet. I can't remember the artist, but I suspect it's that contemporary English dude, Barry Flanagan, whose trademark is the metal hare. (Does he have competition in this genre? I truly do not know.)

All I know is that this sculpture is so very very innocent. Let's keep moving.

My lord, what is this?! How did this slip in here?

What kind of twisted mind chooses to depict bunnies in such a state of carnage?

Ah bunny! Ah humanity!


Those bunnies aren't slaughtered lumps of cold flesh. No. They are merely sleeping happy little creatures, resting peacefully, enjoying each other's company and body warmth. They're pulsing with life, these bunnies. Much like how this little guy, here below, isn't slipping into eternity in a pool of his own spilled blood. No way!

He's just a happy little innocent bunny.

So very innocent.

So very not dying a horrible and cruel death.


Claudia said...

I'm impressed that your perfectly lovely mother in law has let you live all these years.

justcurious said...

I'm wondering if she has a collection of works titled "Ode to a certain s.i.l" Those I'd like to see.

Andy D. said...

You are a very bad man. Hyperfixated, and very bad.

timekeeper said...

C: My mom most likely gets just as much amusement from him, as he does from her.

JC: If she WAS angry and was painting a series to express that anger, it would somehow come out as beautiful sea scapes or flowers anyway.

AD: Isn't it funny how Pot and Kettle have been best friends for so long?

Andy D. said...

I am NOT hyper fixated!!

Ok but only about a couple things? A band for example.... For whom I got a tat at age 42..... And a certain country. And an author. And a second band. And an instrument.


Andy D. said...
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Andy D. said...

And also TK, re your comment to C above -- in my observation there is not a single chance that can be true. :)