Friday, June 17, 2011

Hunter Museum of American Art: The New NOLA

Just when you are saying your thank you prayers that we are absolutely concluded with the year-old Hunter photos, I decide to bust out some last-gasp photos for you.

But I think we've pretty much soaked it for what it's worth. So that means that now is the time to move from the soaking stage to the beating of the dead horse stage.

Or to go all zombie on you: First squeeze all life from the topic. Then let it terrorize you as the undead.

It how I do.

p.s. As a side note I HIGHLY recommend "It Might Get Loud" for y'all. It's a fun little documentary about three generations of electric guitar maestros: Jimmy Page (my fave); The Edge; and Jack White. I especially commend the film to Andy D. It would serve as a salutary musical education for him as it somehow (shockingly!!!) locates showcase-worthy genius in the staggeringly vast space between the two bizarrely improbable musical antipodes--Eddie Van Halen and Leon Redbone--that constitute the entirety of his musical universe.

Okay, that's a lie. Andy recommended the movie to me a year or two ago, and I just now watched it. But it is true that Andy's music tastes are defined by antipodal exclusivity. Okay, that's a lie, too.


Andy D. said...

My music tastes ain't defined by jack ####.

Ok hold on. That was intended as a put down, but ended up hitting me back in the ol face.

Which brings us back to my song of the day:

Beat iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit,
Beat iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit,
Pre-tend it's a horse, and beat it.
Show me how NOLA,
Looks so good now,
It does-n't matter if the
mirr-or shows yo big ol ma-ma,
Beat it.... Beat it....

Andy D. said...

Wait wait wait. Hold on.

If you're ending this? Right?

Does that mean we won't be treated to a mosaic where you take your compu-ah and painstakingly removed each individual mirros square, and then reinsert them -- BUT IN DIFFERENT PLACES??

Now that would really be something.

Andy D. said...

Actually I'm very surprised you haven't thought to take a single shot of NOLA from, what, 2-3 years ago, and compu-ah replicate and repeat it so it looks like one of these shots in the Hunter Mirror series.

Now THAT would really be something.

I'm going for something where the combined "expired freshness date" is about five years.

Andy D. said...

And now turning back to your little romp through my guitarist hall of fame, desecrating every horizontal surface --

Look boy. Don't make me repeat for the blog here what I told you (i.e., shouted at you, so the entire store heard) 25 years ago in Pennylane Records, when you dared question "who is that??!!" as they played Leon Redbone's greatest album and song, Champagne Charlie -- "It's LEON ######G REDBONE!!!"

### #### Right it's Leon Redbone!!

And I know you know better than to even put a TOE starting down the Eddie road... Just stand down, Jack. Leave my business to me, and get back to ya own business.

Which is apparently now showing us your "established" photo library...


timekeeper said...

According to the security tape at Pennylane, the lawsuits from the traumatized patrons, and anyone who was affected by the blue cloud floating over Kansas City on that special day, I believe your conversation may have been a little more animated than you let on.

But since we now have evidence that Lydia is starting to check the blog, I thank you for your much needed revision of that day.

Andy D. said...

Oh, it was blue! Though honstly the gist of it is as written here.

Thanks for the reminder about Lydia. I'll continue to self-edit. I kind of did already. For example, when I was writing the Beat It lyric, I was about to say yo big ol UGLY mamma.

I scaled it back though.


justcurious said...

I'm back in town. What'd I miss?