Friday, June 03, 2011

It's time for a caption contest!!!

What's the right caption?

Mine will win because of its historical accuracy and trenchant social commentary.

What Emma was saying was this, "Daddy, I just LOVE art museums!!! Nothing causes my heart to pitter-patter with joy like stepping inside an art museum with my family. Especially when you have your camera, Daddy-O. It's like.....Nirvana! I feel SO badly for those poor kids whose parents refuse to take them. I'd much rather forgo Disney! I pray to soften the hearts of those mean parents."

It's a longish caption to be sure, but it's a good one. But if brevity must win out, then I'll reduce it to this: "Daddy, I just LOVE art museums!!!"

Another point. My camera blows. That makes me sad in my heart.

And a question. Why won't my wife allow me to buy a better one? Sure, she'll tell you she's been begging me for years to buy a better camera, a point she'll corroborate with "witnesses" who'll claim they've heard her tell me that. And sure, she'll tell you a thousand dollars in the checking account has been earmarked specifically for a camera. But I know that the government has banned earmarks. Just part of big conspiracy to prevent me from buying a better camera.

Cuz the one I have blows. (If you don't believe me, read "another point" above. It backs me up here.)


Christy said...

I have nothing clever to say... except that I think I saw that same 'museum piece' for sale in the hall decor aisle at Home Depot.

justcurious said...

All your faces are belong to us? Okay, I've got to move past that...

Julie said...

Very clever Christy....and without even trying!

My title for this piece would be:

Side note: This is always a favorite with my students during our field trip to the Hunter. I would say, at least half of them take self portraits or pictures of friends in the mirrors.

timekeeper said...

Caption: The many voices in our heads

Andy D. said...

But Julie and Juli, those are titles. No? My man asked for a caption. Granted, a title contest would have been much better for this one. But I digress...

A caption would be, "How will I ever escape from inside this disco ball?"

Or, "Pick a shard, any shard..."

Or, "I said to look at me when I'm talking to you!!!"

Or, ok, I suppose a caption doesn't have to be a quote from the person in the photo. Ok you're right, it could be a comment about the piece. So it could be -- well no, that's too close to a title, so forget it.

It could be, "I know what you're thinking -- did I make 25 reflections, or 26? Well to tell you the truth, in all the excitement I lost count myself. So you've got one very important question to ask yourself: 'Do I Feel Lucky?' Well do ya, punk??"


timekeeper said...

AD: The caption "Look at me..." made me laugh out loud in an embarrassing way. Okay, I'll change from a title to a caption (though I am afraid to compete with you).

"It's not a fair fight! You brought all your friends!"

Andy D. said...

TK - I love it! Great caption, and thank you! Laughter really is the best compliment.

Except when it's a crowd laughing, and you've just dropped your plate in a cafeteria.

A headline in The Onion recently made me laugh, along these lines -- Man Gets Into Mess Usually Reserved For Silent Movie Actors. : )


Steven Taylor said...

I, for one think that it is really mean that MB's wife won't let him buy a cool new camera. I am especially appalled by all that fancy "reverse psychology" she uses wherein she tells MB to go buy one and all.

It is downright diabolical.

Can I have a witness?