Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Define the term and use it in a sentence!

Today I heard someone use the word explitcific.  Since I know this person and I heard the context in which it was used, I'm confident that this person simply merged two words together.  But it's a great word, if also a new word.  So your task:  In the spirit of Oswald Bates, the character in In Living Color who reached a little too far and ended up speaking almost entirely in malapropisms, you are to:

1.  Define explitcific.
2.  Use it in a sentence. 

Bonus points for tying the word to the photo.  


timekeeper said...

explitcific---adj---to provide graphic, detailed descriptions in a way to make the listener uncomfortable.

"The adult used such expliticific descriptions of how any beautiful living thing, such as a strong, majestic tree, could be mercilessly and coldly destroyed by the fickle twist of nature, that all the small children started crying.

Andy D. said...

Explitcific means graphicalistic -- or, should I say, carnalerrific -- in the highest degradationism of recalcitranized prolificarnation and exaggerinification.

"Did you see the explicitific -- or, shall I say, vibranted overcolorifallacy -- look on his face?"


Andy D. said...

Sorry, I missed tying it to the photo -- them big ugly bugs are explitcific.

justcurious said...

I believe what you actually heard was expletcific, meaning a situation that inspires a certain and well-chosen bad word to be uttered. No other word will do.

"Realizing that she had reached the larvae eating stage of Fear Factor caused a swift and expletcific reaction."

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