Thursday, June 16, 2011

Comput-ah magic

This is the original untouched photo. When I took this shot, I had been waiting for Lydia to come forward (she had been on the steps) so I could get her reflection on the ceiling, which was capturing the shimmering light off the waves.

Then I decided to crop most of the extraneous stuff and focus on Lydia and her watery reflection in the ceiling. When I took the photo I intuitively thought I'd flip it upside down--an intituion that I typically have with water reflections. (See, for example, my March 12 post.) Something about the flipped shot in a case like this feels visually truer and no real affront to our understanding of reality.

As I looked at this, however, I wondered whether the magic wasn't in the double mirror image but in the reflection alone I don't know, and I couldn't decide so I decided to include both images here. I lightened it up, too. I quite like this one below. It's more evocative, I think, and simultaneously simpler and richer, revealing more by concealing more.


Andy D. said...

Honestly in this situation I like the original shot best, yo.

Steven Taylor said...

I think the bottom shot. My least favorite is the one in the middle.