Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gothic New Orleans

Just when you thought it was safe to come to the blog, NOLA is back. With a vengeance.

I've been putting all my blog photos into a file, and in so doing I was struck by just how, well, gothic and creepy the vast majority of my NOLA photos were. I mean, why didn't somebody say anything? Isn't that what friends are for?

Friends are supposed to help us out with supportive tips.

"Hey, you've got a piece of spinach in your teeth."


"Hey, your blog is as cheerful as a morgue. Cut it out."

These are the kinds of things that friends say.

With that in mind, I posted a little photo montage in honor of the city's creepiness, a creepiness which, you'll find hard to believe, quite resonates with something inside me.


Andy D. said...

Dear Friend MB,

Your photos of the morgue in the derilect cemetary section of New Orleans are all creepy and morbid.

Let me repeat that, in the form of a question: What kind of person [a moron] believes that his followers [all of us] want to see photo after photo [i.e., your blog when you get on a "NOLA" bent] of dark, shadowy crypts [your standard faire in most cities, granted] taken in a city known for its devotion to witchcraft and general demonry [you know where], and even if subjected to all that against their will for months at a time [again, us] would think they [us] could possibly believe the experience is anything other than creepy and morbid to the power of ten [none of us do]?


PS. Sorry for the nearly-gratuitous "moron" part. It just fit the piece.

Andy D. said...

Having said all that -- I love the montage!

"Morbid Morgue Montage Moves Maligning Man"

Technoprairie said...

Amen to Andy's first comment and to his second. I liked the video. Creepy music. Good thing NOLA is all black and white. Much more creepier.

justcurious said...

Did we go to different NOLAs? I didn't see all of this.