Wednesday, August 04, 2010



Steven Taylor said...

I am seeing the cheer. The terror, however, doesn't even start until robo-Santa shows up. Love the collapsing into the snow shots.

The wheels vaguely made me think of the "bring out your dead" sequence in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Mike Bailey said...

Well...I agree. But I wanted to line up the music with Santa, and I had to fill in the space. Whattayagonna do?

Andy D. said...

Robo Santa who, by the way, has been put outside each of the last 35 years by a kindly old man in KC who wants nothing more than to bring a little Xmas cheer to the lives of our city's inhabitants, through countless hours of setting up an enormous light display that takes over his entire neighborhood, spreading cheer and goodwill through generations as parents tell their children thell their grandchildren about this wonderful display of tidings and goodwill.

But yeah, other than that it's just scary as all hell.


Andy D. said...

But I will say - the music throughout this was well done, and the first half I loved! Really good stuff!


Technoprairie said...

I agree with the Robo Santa. That was spooky. I was waiting for the evil Monkey toy from the Dow house but it never came.

What was the horror in the tractor? besides the fact that you might drop your camera? Weren't the children all singing carols as they rode through our lovely woods?