Sunday, August 08, 2010

little eyeballs in the art


Andy D. said...

I always love these ones in the "geometric photography" series. This is another strong entry.

What strikes me as interesting about this row of grids/windows/whatever is -- looking down any one of those rows, your view is completely unobstructed. You could see anything at all down on the other end. And yet, due to the way they're placed and how small the individual boxes are, if you don't happen to be looking down the "correct" 3" x 3" box, you could miss an entire person, or view, or whatever is on the other side... So it's all just completely random: whether you choose to look down the correct box or not, determines whether you get to see the special surprise on the other side of the grids.


Technoprairie said...

Hey, I'm back! My computer crashed last week but I'm back on now. And glad to see that I'm not too far behind. Love the picture (anything with symmetry is cool to me) and I like the comments, Andy!

My captcha is upsco. Sounds like a good company name.

Andy D. said...

Hi TP -- I just had to pull out this oldie but goodie, when I read about your new company name, Upsco -- they would be perfect for one of my favorite company slogans,

"Upsco -- We've recently upped our quality, so up yours!"


justcurious said...

The eyes have it.