Monday, February 15, 2010

Zen Garden

A special guest photo from Professor Whitey. There I am on the left doing my thing apparently with absolutely no regard for the actual boundaries of the garden. Yes, I am ashamed. But the nice thing is that I made the rock in the middle of my photo look enormous when, as you can see with Steven's shot, it's actually quite small.


Steven Taylor said...

Sometimes I wish I had the ability to insert stuff on the main page, as these photos demand this one to go along with them.

timekeeper said...

Does zen mean really, really jumpy?

Mike Bailey said...

st: i'd be happy to include it. i tried to download yours but to no success. send it to me as an attachment (or however) and i'll be happy to include it.

timekeeper: if so, there'd by a whole lot of "daily" going on in that poll.

Steven Taylor said...

BTW, when I voted in the pool I assumed that self-referrals didn't count.

Steven Taylor said...

Will do.

Mike Bailey said...

No, it doesn't follow that because I'm Jewish and Italian and African-American at heart, I'm also zen. There might be a Jewish African-American zen master, but I ain't the one.

shinigami-sidhe said...

MB-These are lovely.

ST-this isn't quite self-referential enough. I want to see a photo of you taking a photo of MB taking a photo.

Steven Taylor said...

s-s: I will see what I can do.

Andy D. said...

MB, the photos are really really good. I love rock gardens, and by getting down low like this, you have really captured the calmness of it. The red leaves are a perfect contrast and further develop the tone of the whole thing. The, how do I say, fung shuai-ness of it.

But, now you leesten, I muss esplain soomthing to yoods.

Now looky here. The whole point of the #$@!-d@mn zen rock garden, is that only through RULES and ORDERLY PRESENTATION can calmness be attained. You gettin' this? Because what this means is,

You and your punka$$ tennis-shoed mankey feet gotsta get OUT of the rock garden! We can't have you bein all CLIMBIN AROUND and sh#t! You gotsta get OUT of the rock garden!!!

OUT. Foo'...

Once you climb out and shake the gallon or so of pure white sand -- the freshly raked pure white sand, mind you, meaning freshly rakes by some poor sand gardener (and/or Alabaman...) -- outta your shoes, THEN and ONLY THEN will we be in a position to discuss how zen you are.

I mean it is constantly like, I have to remind you of the rules we all live by?... No matter how foreign and silly they seem to us here... Timekeeper? Where were you, Timekeeper??...

Mike Bailey said...

S-S: Awww...thank you. I think they're pretty and kind of capture the calm of the garden itself. Thanks.

Andy: Timekeeper weren't there, now were she?!

Steven Taylor said...

Timekeeper weren't there, now were she?!

Hence we were unleashed on an unsuspecting B'ham.

timekeeper said...

But, hey, all you profane critics, isn't the "zen"ness much better for professormikey because he is taking pictures? Who are you to say it would be more zen without him there? We know it would not be more zen for him without the photography. He is a twitching, jumpy, ball of nerves except when he is standing still for a photo. And, if no one else, except the White Shadow, was there, can it be zen? If a zen garden is in the woods with no one around, is it peaceful? Doesn't someone need to be near to appreciate the peacefulness of it and for the zen to be zen? And, if so, and that person is professormikey (and WS), it can only be peaceful if he is that close and photographing it.


Mike Bailey said...

ST: Word.

Timekeeper: Here be my responses.

1. Huh?
2. Most def. Word.
3. Huh?
4. Here's what I got out of this comment. I'm a twitching jumpy ball o' nerves. To which I say: fo sho. With or without caffeine. But you forgot how I go from twitchy to weepy with 1-2 drinks, tops.

Andy D. said...


I can honetly say, I didn't catch a word of that. But I can also say, I know exactly what you mean.

What you mean is, my point exactly. Which is,

what business has a twitchy ball of nerves, to climb [profanity alert] a$$ first through the middle of a perfectly manicured, profoundly raked sand garden, albeit in Birmingham but a zen garden nonetheless. Hopefully the patient gardener mistook the Nike tracks as a novice's attempt at raking for himself. With his foot. Over the indentations where he fell into the sand from the tree limb. Twice. Apparently while flailing wildly.

But I will give you your Boom. Well played, madam.

timekeeper said...

I will phrase my response in a haiku:

Zen is the garden
You are all not understanding
my comments. You stink.

Mike Bailey said...

timekeeper: as the young people say, ftw!!! (old people: don't worry about the "f." it means "for the win.")

Andy D. said...

A rebuttal haiku:

zen is inna house
when timekeeper say it is.
MB inyo face wif dat
ftw sh##.

And a poetic note to all y'all, if you're counting my syllables, you understand neither haiku nor limerickku nor the zen of haiku limmerickku.

Steven Taylor said...

How awesome would it be if all of Timekeeper's comments were in the form of a Haiku?

By the same token, consistently commenting on MB in the 5-7-5 format may, in fact, be impossible.

timekeeper said...

Haiku Limmericku is worthy of a spit-take! I wish I had a beverage.

I knew you would have a rebuttal poem but I must say that creating a new form of poetry surpassed my expectations.

Well played, my friend.