Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thug life

Peep this, yo.

Here's how I keep it hood when I'm with my white boy full professor homie. First you start with the whitest white boy full professor that you know. Natch. Then, well, here's what you DON'T do: You don't keep it hood. It's hopeless. It stays white bread no matter what you do. But after you say good-bye to Whitey, you can upload his white boy photo, then work to turn Professor Whitey into something slightly less whitey. For his own damn good.

Most def.

I'm not making this up. You get crunk on juice, then you crank up the hip-hop on your headphones, and then you go urban digital manipulation all over his white a**.

Feel me?

Make it all gritty and s**t, and then skew and pinch the photo to give it more lean. And here's what you get: My white boy lookin all jaunty and whats**t.


Taylor below.


Steven Taylor said...


Steven Taylor said...

Oh, and by the way, it is a shame that our wives don't appreciate our genius.

A sad, sad thing.

justcurious said...

That's the grittiest colorization ever. So what you're saying is that it's possible to go so far around the color wheel that you come back to white?

Ahaha - shutterthug. Like that, ST!

Andy D. said...

You be all on whiteopotamus...bout his lack of creditability, for thugatility, all while watchin as your, your.... your...

Oh I can't do it. You two make it too hard even to PRETEND I can street rhyme it, that's how white you are...

Thanks honk.

Andy D. said...

By the way, who cleared White Man to be on the submarine, and how did you get up on the periscope to hang upside down and photograph him?...

What has become, apparentopolis, from that, periscopototomy, .... No, still can't do it.

Mike Bailey said...

Whitey: I "shutterthug." That's me, yo. And, yes, it's crying shame our wives don't appreciate what to everyone else is obvious genius. Technoprairie might describe it as our "usual...genius touch." Thanks for being a good sport bout all this, btw.

JC: Oh you know I don't need sincerity, just the flattery. I like what you say here. Nice.

AD: This was indeed coffee-through-the-nose-with-laughter worthy:

"What has become, apparentopolis, from that, periscopototomy, .... No, still can't do it."

I'll be workin on say that one all day. Love it.

Julie said...

Hey Shawty,
I dunno why you be trippin' an actin' like you all hard. I'm gonna let it slide like, since yo pho tags are tight an sh*t.