Monday, February 15, 2010

Gash and reflection

This is a marble sculpture at the Birmingham Museum of Art. On the left it reflects some of the collection. The middle is a gash the allows the viewer to look through the marble. On the right is a vague image, nearly a shadow of a certain white full professor.


timekeeper said...

That "white" shadow is very ominous. I still can't figure out why I see trees in the middle of the subject. It must be modern art if I can't figure it out.

Andy D. said...

In defense of Whitey. Err, ST.

MB -- If ST is as White as you say, so pure white, the whitest of white, nothing as white as he, the brightest of whites...

... Whycome he cast a shadow?

... Let me put it another way. Please. Oh please oh please let me!! "Mr. Photothug -- how can the ultimate light source, cast a shadow?" Oh, let me continue. "Mr. Photothug, Mr. angler of photographic angles, Mr. Student of The Photographic Light Sources, Angles, and Stuck in my Own F Stop, how can you continue to call someone the whitest of white whites, when you yourself have photographed his shadow?"... "Less than a month ago, in Birmingham?"

... ST, do you hear it? The Sounds of SILENCE?

("Hello darkness my old friend...")

MB? Hello? Anyone there? Helloooooooooooo??

Hung from the gash of his own pitard.

Hey MB. Shrink DAT.


Steven Taylor said...

Nice shot.

The White Shadow approves.

Steven Taylor said...

Andy D.: it is quite the conundrum, to be sure.

Of course, the logic conclusion of you musings is that I am either a) a vampire or b) a beatific being who is his own light source.

Or maybe, a groundhog who has predicted six more weeks of winter.

It do get rather confusing here in the world of the Photothug, now don't it?

Julie said...

I see it, years from now.
A show:

MB's Reflections on Reflections. A look back on a photothug's work.

Andy D. said...

Yeah it do!

Mike Bailey said...

Julie: That's one of the nicest things anyone has ever written about me. Props to you, yo.