Wednesday, February 24, 2010


An embarrassing moment for my poor daughter. This was taken at the city forum. Lydia and I were taking a walk, and I wanted to get in from the cold. The city forum is a cavernous multipurpose auuditorium. The door to the building was open, surprisingly, but no one was at the counter. So I decided to explore the building. Lydia questioned whether this was wise. I told her, "oh sure, the is a city building. It's public. It's just like a park with a roof. Of course we can explore." So we went inside the auditorium. Within ten minutes or so a visibly shaken and frightened man came to talk with me. I was read the riot act and for the sake of Lydia I was very calm and agreeable if not altogether contrite. If she was mortified, she didn't act it. I later explained that the man was doing his job and that we were in the wrong. Except what I told the man was that I was blind and this girl (pointing to Lydia) told me that it was okay to enter.

No, I didn't.



shinigami-sidhe said...

Out from the emptiness:
The path before is always bright
The path behind is lost in night.
Motives we cannot assess,
Between the darkness and the light,
The child brings sickness or delight,
Will heal or deepen our distress.

Anonymous said...

I'm Bob Fosse and I approved this photograph.

Steven Taylor said...

This blog will be a useful research tool in the future for your daughters' therapists.

Andy D. said...

S-S, great response!!

White Shadow, .... no comment.Certainly I can't agree with you...

MB - this story ends so much better than I feared it would, with just you getting your butt chewed in direct line with your daughter's prior concern, then blaming her.

My fear? Was -

"As we progressed through the darkened halls of the abandoned - neigh, haunted - municipal building, I found myself suddenly breathing the ghastly steam of long forgotten municipal saunas . We then came round the bend and although my daughter was oblivious, I realized we were in fact in a ghosts' steam room, nude older men ghosts laying about on the rotted cedar planks, their octagenrian grisley bodies enjoying the steam from the mid1850s, or whatever year each had died his gruesome death...."

I don't know where it goes from there. My point simply being, better the municipal caretaker than his dead saunafied brethren.

A sauna for ghosts
can't be good in any sense
though my lens doth steam....


shinigami-sidhe said...

Ad- thanks! I knew there was a reason I liked you! Besides your coffee through the nose humor, your diaphanous personality, and your amazing narrative style, you compliment my obvious amazingness.

Andy D. said...

It's diaphonously obvious that I do!

And so the teams are formed, and the battle lines drawn.... Let's see if White Shadow and The Footman roll another Trojan Wasp our way?....

Mike Bailey said...

Anonymous--This made me laugh. Thanks.

S-S: Lovely.

ST: I can only hope.

AD: Stop confusing my stories with your deepest fantasies. Shoo!! But I did like the poem at the end.