Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spider and the lock

Beloved, I don't know what a spider does with its day. Does it get bored? Does it secretly rejoice when its web is destroyed so it can show off its special skills again?

Spiders are happy. Spiders aren't happy. I don't know. It makes my head spin. Oh hey, here's a photo of a spider with my daughter.


Technoprairie said...

Big spider do you
understand locks as well as
webs? That is so zen.

shinigami-sidhe said...

The young can learn much
From the care of the spider
Spinning its death trap.

Timekeeper is right.
Responding to posts in verse
Provides endless fun.

Andy D. said...

This is not intended to start a conversation. It's intended to end one.

Do not, please, ever ever ever do any more spider pictures.

Done. We're finished with that conversation.


timekeeper said...

The first photo is one of the most disturbing photos I have seen. (And I lived through the giant pregnant spider on our porch in our first house, remember that one?) But something about the thought of spiders as gross as that one picking locks gives me horripilation (look it up. It was in my daughter's spelling bee). I'm going to have to agree with AD. No more giant spiders please. And get Lydia away from there! Are you crazy? That thing can pick locks for pete's sake!!

Mike Bailey said...

I don't know what I was thinking. I'm sorry. But Lydia was fine. She probably didn't cry any longer than for 40 minutes after I posed her there for the photos I took. Oh, and the nightmare. But apart from the crying and the nightmare, she wasn't scarred at all.

"Move in there just a little, honey, I'm having a hard time getting it to focus."

"Oh, but Daddy!"


Andy D. said...

When the heck did all you
start speakin in

But I'm glad we've at least agreed on the no more spiders principle.

PS, each post on this entry is awesome!! I love those poems. Keep em comin! If you want to really pepper it up, through in a little street-ku or limerickku. It jus all add ta the mix.... And Timekeeper, once again, I'm so sorry for your plight.... : )


timekeeper said...

I take it you deleted the photo where the spider was on her face.

Steven Taylor said...

AD and TK, come now, both of you have to know MB well enough to know that he is now thinking:

"Score! A photo that freaks out Andy D. and Timekeeper!"

MB will torment
So beware your comment, fool

Julie said...

I'm not a fan of spiders, but I really like the top photo. The spider's interaction with the lock makes it! Very lucky shot. (assuming you didn't pose the spider)

Mike Bailey said...

Technoprairie, S-S, and Julie: You are each my one good friend. Thank you. (Pretend I didn't address that to all of you but only to you alone. The sentiment works better that way.)

Andy D:

Sorry to freak you
I could have made it much worse:
Spiders in the ear

Steven Taylor: Enough with the diplomacy, dang you. Join me and let's gang up against Andy.

Timekeeper: Yeah, you all right.

Steven Taylor said...

Hmm, Professor Mikey and the White Shadow v. the villainous Andy D.?

Andy D. said...

You'll never take me alive, White Shadow!!

Steven Taylor said...

Andy D., aka the Haikuer, escapes justice again!