Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My lovely daughters

Who's says I'm not sentimental!! BTW, none of these pictures has been digitially touched. Such beauty cannot be enhanced. The weird distortions were created by funhouse-like mirrors at a science museum's kid section. The bottom photo was taken with Nora behind an aquarium glass.

Oh, I'm a bad bad man. So bad.

So very very bad.


Julie said...

Lovely and sentimental is not what is happening on the third photo. Very disturbing! Great visual effect, but the point of emphasis seems to be the strange yellow-green eye you just can't look away from.

Anonymous said...

You're nearly as bad as the balloon boy Dad..... nearly!!!!!

Michael B said...

Julie: HEY! Welcome to my blog!! I took four photos or so, each time trying to line up that little leaf (or whatever it is) with Nora's eye. This one got it pretty good. I'm so glad you noticed. And yet I'm sorry for you that I did.

No, these aren't sentimental from a third-party perspective. But in a way they are for me, since I took these shots at the Tellus science museum in Cartersville. Juli was in the Bahamas and it was just me and the three girls. We went out for lunch and had a grand time.

Anonymous: LOL. Very funny.

Julie said...

Wow..so if you were lining her up, and there was no digital enhancement, could I be more impressed? I wasn't sure if you were just being funny, ironic, or something else when you said you didn't alter them. I thought for sure the leaf pattern design was a superimposed image from a different frame. Darn you and your talent. Could I be more envious?

Michael B said...

Julie--I just love your enthusiasm for my photos! It makes for an enormous head. And I'm perfectly comfortable with that!

I fear in time, however, the typical arc of my readers is to start off impressed and then end up being weirded out and then just end up rolling their eyes at yet another freaky shot.

All these photos were in a kids play room at the museum that had among lots of other stuff some funhouse mirrors. The Nora picture was taken through an aquarium or something that had those aquatic etchings in the glass. She posed behind it.