Monday, October 19, 2009


Yes, it's a face.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to start saying 'first' like they do on the public blogs.


Professor Mikey presents I Spy, yay! I spy a checkerboard, and a provencal travel poster, and a prosthetic hand, and a 12" record, and a desk fan, and the official logo of The Onion.

I'm going to assume I win.

Michael B said...

I don't see most of these things, but that's my limitation. Wow. I'm impressed. Not only do you win, but I'll disqualify all others who try to compete!

"First." That's a new one to me, btw. I don't follow blogs, it turns out. Or not systematically.

justcurious said...

Oh yes. Usually people gush, "Oh my gosh? I'm first? Wow! I'm never the first to comment!" And by the time they hit submit, they're eleventh.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. While you're at it, I saw another anonymous lurking around making funny references to current events--the anonymous Anonymous impostor needs to be eliminated.

Just Curious: Do you love that? I love that. It should have stopped five years ago, but nooooooooo.

Michael B said...

Why is it that I understand the blog world less well than virtually everyone else who visits this blog??

justcurious said...

You bet I do! But I don't get it! Is it like a Ponzi scheme? Are there new people falling for it every week?

Anonymous said...

Because you are too busy creating and putting forth, while we as the bottom-dwellers who attach ourselves to the underbelly of your genius have plenty of time to learn and engage in it all.