Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rabbit of prey with murdered victim

Yet again we regrettably note that rabbits are inextricably associated with death--and death of a particularly gruesome and grim variety. Last summer I was minding my own business at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, thinking my typical cheerful and well-adjusted and positive and upbeat and encouraging and life-affirming thoughts when, tragically, I happened upon this bird-destroying (and presumably bird-devouring) work of art.

Prior to this experience, I had always considered rabbits as hapless victims of murder, as exemplified--if you recall--by my mother-in-law's cruelly realistic depiction of a rabbit in its last frightened moments, shivering in terror in a pool of its own blood.

Since that time, I've noted the theme of rabbit death in countless other works of art. Why are artists so cold-blooded, so fixated by poor Bunny's death?

I do not know the answer to this question, and this makes me sad in my heart.

But here at least, we see the rabbits are not taking their deaths lying down. They're fighting back. I was shocked by this particular rabbit's brazenness.

Artists, lock your doors at night. Because it starts with birds, but who knows who their next victim may be!

Thoughtful reader Andy D. reminds us that history is replete with examples of killer rabbits. You likely recall when President Carter was attacked by a trained bunny assassin. This photo of the event was released only after he scurried from office to take refuge in his rabbit-proof bunker.

And here is a rare film capture of one of our most notorious killers, a medieval rabbit of profound unholy intent.


Andy D. said...

It's got great long nashing teeth, and fangs!! And great big nasty claws! I've seen it kill five men with nary breakin a sweat! But oh no, you wouldn't listen to me!!

Very well -- call Brother Maynard to bring out the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Andy D. said...

PS, whoever painted that picture is sadistic. I mean can we at least all agree on that? Mike?

Mike Bailey said...

Andy--yes, good call on reminding us that of course all throughout history there have been killer rabbits. I had forgotten this. And about the painter, I think of her not as sadistic. Not at all. But I do think of this person as a jaw-clenched realist who fearlessly stares into the abyss.