Monday, May 02, 2011

In memory of Hank

Hank (AKA "Hank the Tank" and "Hank the Happy Dog") was the dog--more puppy than dog, really--of Andy D. and his wife Tracey. Hank has a special place in my heart not only because he was the sweetest, happiest, most loving, most rascally dog one could ever want, but also because he was the dog that taught my youngest daughter Nora that she need not be afraid of (all) dogs. Dogs can be good, and Hank the Tank was a terrific boy. When Andy D informed us the other day that because young Hank was suffering badly from cancer and slipping quickly and they had to let him pass, Nora was, along with one of her sisters and one of her fathers, simply torn up inside. So in honor of that lovable rascal Hank I decided to put together a little tribute to him with some happy (if also tender) music.

Nora told me that "Dad, I hope they get another dog as nice as Hank, but you can't replace Hank." She also told me that she loved Hank for four reasons.

1. He always remembered her and her sisters when they visited.
2. He was always happy.
3. He was always loving.
4. She taught him how to dance.

Admittedly, I have no idea what she means by this last point, but it's neither the time nor place to interrogate her. I'm sure she did teach him how to dance.

The last thing she said was, "Dad, I want to keep Hank in my heart."

Me too, honey. Me too.


Andy D. said...

I think in life, we're only as good as the lives we touch. In his two short years, Hank only had the chance to touch a certain number of lives, but everyone who got to meet him had the reaction of Mike and his girls -- Hank was just a happy little guy, only wanted to play and have fun, and was just a good loving friend. He somehow put a smile on the faces he met -- and if he didn't, then that wasn't a person I cared to know very well... I'm glad he got the chance to meet your whole family, Mike, and thank you very much for this perfect tribute to him. We won't ever forget Hank.

For those who didn't know him, early on we started calling him "the little white, dog..." after that line from Huey Lewis' "Power of Love" song where he says "change a hawk, to a little white, dove..." It's easy to see my little white dog in this video, just the way I remember him best.


justcurious said...

Very sorry, AD and family. That's hard.

Mike Bailey said...

Nicely put, Andy. Your puppy sure was a good one.