Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glass, wood, and woman ascending

I completely forgot about these photos from over a year ago, and when I went to the AIC this year, I took yet another set of photos of a woman in this same area.

Hmmmm......not only am I not original in my photos in the broader world, I'm not even original within my own photo sets. (I'll display those soon.)


Andy D. said...

All good -- but the top one is phenomenal. Very nice.


justcurious said...

I heartily agree, AD.

Andy D. said...

Thanks! Mike's right by the way, you've been gone way way too long.

But you were more right, so was he.


Mike Bailey said...



She been gone too long.

justcurious said...

AD - funny and diplomatic - now that's a talent. Have you considered how lovely Pakistan is this time of year?