Sunday, May 29, 2011

Macbeth's Spaghetti

Okay, you food bloggers out there: Would this photo work for your blog? Or, is there too much thought of death here and too little thought of culinary delight?

Just askin'.


shinigami-sidhe said...

Can there ever be thought of culinary delight without thoughts of death? Eating is the activity which we must constantly engage in so as not to die, but in the end, eating too will be futile. Furthermore, everything you eat is something that died so that you could remain alive for just a little longer. It is the irresponsible person who breezily sails through life without reflecting on mortality with every potful of spaghetti.

Tumseste, my dying companions.

Andy D. said...

S-S -- hey it's a holiday! I'm eating guilt-free and loving it! I'll get back to my usual morbid morosity over our mortal munching tomorrow!

MB -- I'm no food blogger, but I can say without much deliberation that your fears are dead on, my friend. Dead, on.


shinigami-sidhe said...

Stop stopping your guilt, AD. We don't do guilt-free here. Think about your impending doom!

Technoprairie said...

Actually I wouldn't have thought about death unless you mentioned it. I loved the lighting.

Andy D. said...

Oh I thought about death alright.

MB it's not like you're the only one who thinks of death constantly.

Well constantly yes. But. Well you're not the only one otherwise.


Claudia said...

I'm with TechnoP. I love this photo. Would happily use it on my food blog but also laughed out loud at the title "Bacbeth's Spaghetti." I'll have to get to work on that recipe.

Claudia said...

Make that "Macbeth's"....hard to type with the old cat between me and the keyboard.

timekeeper said...

I don't think it looks so much like death as evil. That is one pot of spaghetti I would have to pass up. I can practically hear the ominous bubbling.