Sunday, April 10, 2011



justcurious said...

nice and dreamy

Andy D. said...

Two strings of thought for you here.

One is, very, very nice. Very well done.

Two is, that cursed bean just doesn't stay down, does it...

But that leads into this thought on me telling you how to enrich your life, and hopefully all of humanity in the process.

Before the Federal Government stops giving out money for these sorts of things altogether -- I think you should apply for a grant to create a two-minute video of "The Change of Seasons in The Bean." Basically an ultra-high speed video showing the change of seasons all through an entire year, taken from the same stationary point with The Bean taking up 80% of the frame. And along the way maybe it slows down here and there to be able to show some fast-motion shots of the crowds moving to and fro against The Bean on a particular day, and maybe at one point the arc of the sun traces against The Bean for say 5 seconds along one day.

And then you set it to some Van Halen music.

Well, or whatever. I'll leave the music to you. Overall. But I'm just saying, throw me a bone, it was my flippin idea. Jeez.


Andy D. said...

You're creating a VH video, aren't you.