Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tenebrism, pt. 3

One of the blog's visitors refers off-line to Juli as "The Mythical Julianne" or, at times, "The Mythical Creature Known as Julianne"--presumably because Juli features so rarely on the blog. Her default photo disposition is: "SMILE!" Crazy, I know, and certainly not a trait to be encouraged here.

I do not know whether these photos will enhance or detract from her mythical-ness.


Technoprairie said...

the first one definitely makes her look more mythical.

never would have thought that a sister who made her sandwich talk would grow up to be mythical.

justcurious said...

Wow, after the black and white one, she can be referred to as the mythical creature with really elegant bone structure known as Julianne, or TMCWREBSKAJ, if you prefer.

Andy D. said...