Thursday, April 21, 2011

broken wine glass


Andy D. said...

I suspect we're now in an area of your photog camera roll that would be more aptly titled, rather than "broken ____ glass," "_____ glass I smashed to photograph and to prove my earlier point about smashed glass."


shinigami-sidhe said...

Why do you continue to refuse solidarity with the rest of butter-fingered humanity? Don't you love us?

Andy D. said...


I can both love you, and know with metaphysical certainty that you are wrong. The two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, this explains my lifelong friendship with Mike....

Then again.... the more I think about things... You're right, my refusal of solidarity is stationed in my utter contempt of those who are against me. On any point, no matter how small. And apparently including ridiculous arguments about the nation's average glass breakage, which in all candor not one of us has even defined adequately, let alone possesses the remotest statistical, academic, or even a single Trivial Pursuit card to back up our positions with fact, which positions are collectively an affront to man's intelligence that we are even making these statements.

So I guess you're right on at least that point. :)