Friday, March 05, 2010



Technoprairie said...

Interesting juxtaposition between greeting card worthy picture of pink flowers and the very creepy picture of the midnight visitor of the last post.

Julie said...

ooh, how vagi..I mean, Georgia O'Keeffe of you!

Andy D. said...

Love this!

Certainly not for any reason suggested by Julie! It's just lovely.


justcurious said...

It looks to me like a pink runner (facing left), their speed causing a photograpic trail of their arms and legs behind them. Another one is just out of the picture, ahead of them. See it?

justcurious said...

Omg, Andy D., that's not you the police are chasing on live t.v. in Kansas City, is it? It's not worth it! Give up and I promise we'll all talk in Haiku, Cheerku, Rapku, whatever you want!

shinigami-sidhe said...

Jail curtails comments.
When fleeing from the law, dear.
Be wise and wily.

Andy D-if you are fleeing from the law in a high speed chase, and I am confident in assuming that if you were doing so, you would pause periodically to check Eyeball Central, I cannot out of respect for MB's legal liability offer you assistance, but if you find yourself hunted Texas-ward, kindly do remember that you have friends who would liveblog an entire daring lawless scenario entirely in haiku.

Andy D. said...

The man be chasin,
And I be runnin, and that
how it gonna be.

"The chase" as you call it, was apparently on live TV in the KC area yesterday. I knew nothing about it, until this morning when it was all over the news. I guess I was totally unplugged last night! They finally caught the guy (and gal with him) when they ran into an abandoned building, got their a$$es surrounded by the Man, and then tried to escape by climbing up to the roof.

I guess if I've led 50 cops on a car chase in and out of traffic for over an hour, with the whole purpose of running away, as soon as I even think about running into a building that's probably where I raise my hands and say, "you got me!!!"

By the way, ask MB where he and timekeeper was -- errr, were -- on the night of the most famous chase in U.S. history, involving a white bronco and about 500 of L.A.'s finest?


Mike Bailey said...

justcurious: see it? hmm....hay wait! oh man, you know what? no.

justcurious said...

Well no wonder. Take off those Digby glasses. Now?

Anonymous said...

You do understand that you're going to have to post a minimum of ten mutilated photos of withered, dead, or otherwise not-healthy flowers in order to reclaim the balance of your blog now, right? Right?