Friday, May 16, 2008

no escape

this one goes out to c. snider, the one who will save us when the zombies attack.


Christy said...

Actually the key to survival in a zombie attack is to not try and save other people, but to worry about your own safety/protection... maybe once the zombie war is over i'll do a nice memorial to all of those who did not make it.

Michael B said...

yes, i think it's safe you WILL survive. and you'll probably enjoy giving that memorial--delivering to an audience of one or two other heartless survivors.

so do me this favor then, please. when the zombie war starts just come over and shoot me in the head. i'd rather go that way than by way of zombie.

but won't do that because that would be looking out for someone else, wouldn't it? fine, i'll die by zombie attack. but speak well of me in the eulogy, okay?

Technoprairie said...

Mike, you could prepare now by watching Omega Man. Charleton Heston knows how to handle those zombies. Or you could watch the movie and observe how to shuffle, cringe at the light, and moan.

Michael B said...

you know what? i'm already shuffling and moaning. i pulled/strained/tore my calf (calve?) muscle yesterday playing b-ball. i'm seeing the dr. tomorrow, though i don't know what he'll do. but honestly it's a big production for me to walk--lots of lurching going on. have you seen "men in black"? i look like the bad alien, how he walks.

Technoprairie said...

Sorry to hear about your calf muscle. Hope the doc will help you out.

Yes, I've seen MIB. Now I can clearly picture you walking down your hallway.