Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Evocations--images in the ice

Our eye is trained to find form where none exists. Here I see a creepy hunched-over-dog-like creature. The creepy hunched hound-like creature of the Baskervilles, as it were.

And here I see a creepy ice skull.

And here I see a remarkable likeness in pure ice of a creepy corporate building.


timekeeper said...

First picture--stooped, melting teddy bear from some mutant, depressing child's bedroom
Second picture--Keyhole to hell
Third picture--Eyeball

(Blatant pandering to my audience)

Andy D. said...

The third picture of the "building" takes me back to being a physical representation of one of my favorite Far Side cartoons -- the "Crisis Center" building, which is shown on fire, being attacked by a tornado, and going over a waterfall. That, or a cartoon insane asylum (e.g., in Gotham City housing The Riddler). Well done.


Andy D. said...

Your evocation, is a recitation, of a, uh, regurgitation -- or should I say, confabulation -- of an exication on the man's fixification on the putrification of the snow.

Andy D. said...

Would it be possible to photograph the old blog here, frozen in ice as it seems to be?


Anonymous said...

You know what *I* see? I see a creepy ice Macy's Day Parade balloon of a creepy ice cat with its creepy ice cat backed arched.

Appropriately: 'deskat' is my word.

Creepy ice deskat Macy's Day Parade balloon.