Sunday, March 20, 2011

Disney Trip

The song is "Trip Like I Do" by The Crystal Method.

When I saw the pulsating lights that you see at the beginning of the video, I actually heard in my mind the opening pulsing of the song I use here. Then when I got home and decided to see whether in reality the two fit, I was very pleased to discover that they do.

The woman's spoken vocals in the song were lifted from one of the band member's answering machine messages left by a woman he met at a club. At least that's what my omniscient friend Mr. Wikipedia tells me.


justcurious said...

Trippy alright. Now THAT'S how you do Disney!

Julie said... like! Lots!
Perfect music.

Didn't think it was possible to make a family Disney video in to a psychedelic club experience. Quite unique.

Like the part when;
what appears to be a sea urchin, changes to a (disturbingly) happy faced, spinning sun.

Claudia said...

Finally, that damn Small World ride put to good use! Very cool. I'd love to get inside and root around and see how your brain works. Trippy indeed.

Mike Bailey said...

JC: thanks!
Julie: Oh, that sun was disturbing all right. But here's where we part. I hardly see how it's possible to experience Disney and NOT see it as a psychedelic club experience.
Claudia: Thanks. But as for climbing around in my brain idea, I'm not sure that would prove helpful. I just think how I operate is a matter of selective (or partial) operation. A small portion of my brain whirs and whirs and whirs, and the major portion of the brain designed for living life rationally and usefully is probably distressingly dormant.

Andy D. said...

Well first of all, this is great! I really like this video both musically and visually.

But it does lead to the question -- was you on drugs the WHOLE time? Or just every now and then?


Mike Bailey said...


When one has tiger blood and Adonis DNA and poetry and magic at one's finger tips, one doesn't need drugs apart from the drug I like to call C.S.


Andy D. said...

Which one?


Now what now?

Dat you charles?

Anonymous said...

Charles Stanley?