Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Witch at the cemetery

Sometimes one visits Myrtle Hill Cemetery by oneself to take a walk among the graves and headstones and to contemplate one's own mortality and the mortality of one's loved ones. And, if the spirit calls, to take photos. (And call it does.)

And sometimes when one visits Myrtle Hill cemetery, one has the entire cemetery to oneself with the exception of a witch, whom one sees at a distance in front a mausoleum.

I am glad that these things happen.


shinigami-sidhe said...

I have been for solitary walks in many cemeteries, Myrtle Hill included, and have never done any of those things while so doing. Just sayin.

But the witch is awesomely fabulous and I think I love her.

Mike Bailey said...

Glad you love the witch. Who doesn't?

Steven Taylor said...

Christine O'Donnell, that's who.