Monday, November 01, 2010

Cosmic Joke

Our pretensions:

Our reality:

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Andy D. said...

These are very good!

I have a similar story for you, and I swear this is true.

Several years ago, my law partner and I had a case centered on a dispute about a power plant out near Greenwood, Missouri (several miles outside the KC city limits...). We drove out there for the first time to take a tour the plant and see what the dispute was about.

As we left the highway, we had several miles to drive yet. And as we got nearer the plant, the city fell away, and the countryside got more and more rural. And more rural... And yet more rural. Basically, the power plant was in the middle of nowhere, with farmland all around.

As we got to within a half mile or so of the plant, we came across a small gravel road leading off the main road to the left. There was a streetsign on it, announcing that we were at "Cemetary Road."

And the yellow cautionary sign immediately below it warned that the road was a, "Dead End."

We were both still laughing when we walked into the power plant...