Monday, January 02, 2012

Cow Gone Bonkers


Steven Taylor said...

Do you always have that effect on cows?

(Love the music selections).

Anonymous said...

He's brushing his teeth... what a hygenic little bovine. =)

justcurious said...

More, more!!!

timekeeper said...

All sorts of questions:
#1--What did that cow just eat?
#2--Was that music there at the actual time? Because I swear the cow is producing it.
#3--How did you hold the camera still from laughing?
#4--Do you think the strange people that justcurious and I were encountering at the other end of the trail at the EXACT time you were seeing this are related? Or did they share the same illegal substances? Will we ever know?

Anonymous said...

My theory #1 - if the cow is dancing, the cow is mad.

Having said that, it is equally clear that with this music selection you have somewhat, shall we say, exaggerated the madness.

Plus, smearing molasses up it's jowls was just an old filmmakers' cheat. : )

Andy D.

Paul Wallace said...

Oh Bailey, that's good. That's real good.