Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pop Goes the Eyeball


Andy D. said...

MB - love the lyrical references!! You forgot one. This one all dedicated to you an all your photos, baby.

Your eyes got me dreamin,
Your eyes got me blind,
Your eyes got me hopin,
That I'll be seein all dem eyes tonight.
Ebony ey ey yes......


timekeeper said...

Eye think you have done a wonderful job saturating our eyes with lovely eyeball pictures. Thank goodness this blog is not named "Nostril Central".

Andy D. said...

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad man,
To be the sad man,
Behind blue eyes,
One of which you popped right on outta your head....

Andy D. said...

With the lights out, it's less dangerous,
Here we are now, entertain us.
I feel stupid and contagious,
Like an eyeball, with conjunct'vi-tis.

A blind pirate,
A true hawk eye,
A bat's radar,
That's still like eyesight.

That's ridic'lous,
No it's no-ot.
Yes it i-is.
No it's no-ot.

Wait a minute,
Why we fig-tin?
I for-go-ot,
Yeah me too-oo.

Andy D. said...

What would you think if I popped out my eye,
And told you to put it on your blog?
How does it feel at the end of the day,
When you forgot and sat down on your eye?
Oh I get by with a little help from my eye,
Yes I get high and pull out my right eye,
Oh I'll get by with a blue prosthetic,
Eye, eye-yey-yey-yey-yey-yey, yey.

Andy D. said...

Saturday, in the park,
I think that's where the dog got my eye....

Mike Bailey said...

Oh yeah, I´ll tell you something
I think you'll understand
When I say that something
I wanna hold your eye
I wanna hold your eye
I wanna hold your EYE(ball)!!!

Andy D. said...

I'm fixing a hole,
Where the rain ge-ets in,
And stops my eye from wandering.
Where it will gooooooooooooo.

timekeeper said...

Blue eyes.
Baby's got blue eyes.
Like a blue, blue sky
On a blue, blue day

Blue eyes
I love blue eyes
But not that much, so put it back.

(My catchpha word is singeom--eerily fitting, no? A poem that comes from a song is a singeom)

Technoprairie said...

My immediate thought was that scene from WaterWorld where Dennis Hopper's eye popped out of his head. Anyone else see that classic?

My word is bumen - as in "I'm bumen because I can't think of a good eye song."

Anonymous said...

How am I the first one to see the dried blood on her fingers?

My word is 'dipon'. As in, "Dipon in there and grab an eyeball so Daddy can photograph it."